My husband and I play games together pretty regularly. Like, every night and most weekends.

We have very different play styles. I fall into a very different quadrant of the Bartle test than he does – he’s more of an Explorer/Killer while I’m more of a Socializer/Achiever, which has been an interesting transition over the years. My attitude now is that it’s hard to focus on single-player games ‘cause, well, at the end of the day…you can’t ride that shit through Ironforge.

But still, we love to play games with each other. Pretty much every evening or every other evening, we spend our time either playing games with each other or beside each other.

Then I saw this GameFAQs poll a month ago and realized – there are more of us out there. Not many! But a few.

There are already a few good sites out there for co-op gaming reviews, like Co-optimus and most of the game industry news pubs. Although Co-optimus you can hardly sneeze without being overwhelmed with laggy ads…and it’s not very useful unless you’re looking up something you already have in mind. So. Kind of a bummer.

I’ve been following video games for nearly a decade as a market researcher for a specialized firm in California. But I chose to leave that role and now I am free to comment on games as I see fit and add whatever opinions I want to anything I want.

So! This site is for those of us out there who play a lot of games with our significant others. Video games, board games, card games, whatever – there are a lot of different elements that come into play when you’re playing regularly with a girlfriend, boyfriend, life partner, spouse, whatever you want to call ‘em.

Sometimes games go poorly. Sometimes your play-styles don’t mesh well. Sometimes there’s a big skill gap between you (like between myself and my husband on certain types of games) and sometimes, it’s a weird path to navigate.

One time, we actually had some tension in our relationship because he thought I kept forgetting to use the most obvious move as a hunter in our dungeon runs in WoW. I was feeling terrible that I clearly wasn’t playing well and was holding us back. Only come to find out the stat tracking mod he was using was classifying my moves incorrectly. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Communication is pretty much always key, folks.

Anyway. I’ll share my thoughts on games and we’ll have this community to talk it all out amongst ourselves.

Thanks for coming by!